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Addons Installation

This section discuss the addons install/upgrade/downgrade/uninstall

Publish Version

We support both dependencies and editors coming from the the addon.config.json file in a new section called “PublishConfig”.

This section will be sent by the api of publish addon version and will be added as is to the version entry to the column PublishConfig.

PublishConfig format:

"ParentPackageName": "Automated Jobs",
"PackageName": "scheduler?view=jobs",
"Description": "Scheduled Jobs"
"ParentPackageName": "Automated Jobs",
"PackageName": "scheduler?view=executions",
"Description": "Execution Log"

In installation/upgrade/downgrade


Before starting install/upgrade/downgrade the dependencies will be checked as follows:

every addon in the list with a version will be compared with its creation date against the installed addon version with its name - only if the version creationDateTime is >= it will continue, otherwise, error.

Only the following names are supported in the dependencies section:

  • papi

  • cpapi

  • webapp

  • data_views

  • adal

  • pepperi_elastic_search

  • import_export_atd

  • pns

**other addons not supported as dependencies


In the installation/upgrade/downgrade callback function, if the operation ended with success=true we take the “Editors” section from the version PublishConfig field and add it to the system data of the installed addon.